Powerful tariffing and quote systems for all infrastructures and sales channels.


Standard products and individualized solutions for optimizing sales and consultation processes in the finance industry.


Integrated portal solutions and sales platforms for seamless support of customer processes.

Quote systems

Quote systems

Powerful tariffing and quote systems which can be integrated into any infrastructure and sales channel are an important basis for selling insurance and finance products. Increased requirements on UI design, performance, platform independence and integration affect the capability of the latest generation of quote calculators.

Impeo Angebotssysteme

Impeo has created ImpeoEnterpriseFramework as a platform for developing quote systems.


ImpeoEnterpriseFramework is a series of standardized components to help developers build individualized quote systems quickly and productively. Shared functions and system modules (GUI, print, plausibility, persistence, kernel integration, security) are implemented effectively with the platform components. The core of every quote system is the software and method-based integration of the insurer’s tariff calculation kernel or web services in the central Impeo data model. Implementing this central data model allows fast and configurable provisioning of all higher level Impeo development components.

Impeo quote systems support all insurance industry sectors, sales channels and platforms (online, offline and mobile). They include BiPRO TAA services, tools for process integration in the form of an electronic signature, automated health checks and digital transfer of tariff and contract data to host systems.

Benefits of Impeo tariff and quote systems:

  • Fast implementation (time-to-market)
  • High quality
  • Performance
  • International and multilingual
  • Platform independent

Our ImpeoQuickAdvice requirements calculator can be integrated seamlessly into life insurance and health insurance quote systems based on the Impeo DomainModel, which supports requirements-based sales consultations.


    In the face of traditionally diverse sales forms with heterogeneous work methods and technical development with new user devices, connections, etc. added almost every week, the demands and expectations of tariffing and quote systems have become increasingly complex.

    If under all these aspects an insurer wants to achieve a good position in sales and maintain this position over the long term, a system that can be used in any infrastructure and sales channels and be adapted and supplemented at any time to new developments, becomes indispensible.


    The performance of today's quote systems is influenced by increasing demands on user interface design, performance, customization and integration capability. Sales teams expect a BiPRO TAA service. Personal advice and support alone are no longer enough to compete against online tools for consumers. An agent must be capable of calculating a tariff and preparing a quote anywhere and anytime – and to communicate this information to the customer.

    Whether the agent is using a desktop version or a tariffing app, the information must be conveniently accessible. Anyone who is in a position to offer sales staff, especially those working independently, the best user experience will soon find themselves steps ahead of the competition.


    To implement on a long-term basis, it is important for insurers to have a flexible system. At the same time, existing products should be easy to maintain and user-friendly when it comes to presentation and tariffing. New tariffs and niche products must be quickly and cost-effectively integrated and made available to sales staff. The keyword here is time to market – which can offer further advantages


    An important consideration in all decisions related to tariffing and quote systems is to never lose sight of the user's perspective. Because an agent can work best with a quote system that gives him easy access to the product range, the most convenient data entry process and the fastest and most comfortable result – leading to a signed contract.



    For the product launch of its new tariffs, Alte Leipziger has opted for the latest web-based fast tariff calculators developed by Impeo Software GmbH. The fast tariff calculators are used by agencies and individual agents. There is also a version for end customers.

    The fast tariff calculators for private liability insurance, animal liability insurance, home contents insurance and building insurance were developed in close collaboration with Alte Leipziger and implemented with ImpeoQuote.

    A new innovative interface was created for the calculators by Impeo UI designers. The objective was to optimize the calculators for browsers on all mobile tablet platforms in addition to standard browsers on desktop systems. The fast tariff calculators also support the digital transfer of contract data to existing systems at Alte Leipziger.

    Bernd Guthruf, Head of Brand Management at Alte Leipziger: “The new UI design supports our digitalization strategy and enables us to use the new tariff calculators flexibly on mobile tablets”. The calculators are based on the Alte Leipziger tariff calculation kernel which is integrated as a web service in the Impeo interface. The responsive UI was developed with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.


    The SDV app is a smartphone app for the iOS and Android operating systems. In addition to the offline opportunity of tariff calculation for end customer sales, the app supports the electronic transmission of the application data as well as their forwarding to the internal policy processing.

    The goal was to develop an Q&A-app that would enable the broker to immediately calculate a tariff in areas without network coverage. Once an online connection is established, the digital request, which has been electronically signed by the customer, can then be sent to the host. With the smartphone camera, the broker can also photograph, sign, and send the business order to the central office.

    Particularly noteworthy is, besides the deep process integration, the Impeo offline available determination of the ZÜRS zones in the calculation of residential building insurance. Therefore, a web service integration for the ZÜRS calculation is no longer necessary.

    In addition to the already available products private liability, household items, residential buildings, glass and accident, the product legal protection will also be supported with the next release of the app.