Powerful tariffing and quote systems for all infrastructures and sales channels.


Standard products and individualized solutions for optimizing sales and consultation processes in the finance industry.


Integrated portal solutions and sales platforms for seamless support of customer processes.

Portal solutions

Portal solutions

Impeo has developed the next generation of integrated portal solutions to support sales and consultation processes in the finance industry. Ease of use, intuitive UI design and end-to-end process support are at the forefront of these solutions. Structure, installation, usability and design are oriented towards the user from the start.

Our customers benefit from our experience in a diverse range of projects in the finance industry and our proven approach.

Using the ImpeoFinancegate portal as a basis, we can provision a configurable portal for financial services sales. The basic components include the modules:

  • ImpeoAdvice components (unlimited requirements calculators and financial analysis)
  • Impeo tariffing services (integration of more than 30 life insurance and health insurance tariff services)
  • Data entry
  • Storage of customer and consultation information
  • Process support tools (e-signature, OCR)

In addition to development and implementation, our services also include pre sales and after sales advice and project management throughout the project. We can also provide support and maintenance services for your portal solution.

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